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Hey Everybody,

I'm trying to bring a ds3 connection. The provider said they could see the router, and try reseating the ds3 card. Is there a way to troubleshoot and test this card? Without resetting the router

Thank you


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    Is the interface looped facing them or you. Do a search on cisco on your DS3 card for the available commands. Layer 1 issue is pretty simple to troubleshoot usually there is a demarc where telco hands off to you. Go to that point and throw a loop facing you and them then you will know if the problem is in house or telco. Also check your cabling and switch the tx and rx around. If possible have a loop back plug and throw it in your DS3 card on the router. If your DS3 card greens up then it is good. What does show controller and show interface to look at the layer 1 info in the router. HTH
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