For once, the ball bounced my way

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About a year ago, I ran into a short term bind that caused me to temporarily tap my general savings, and some of my 401k savings. Long story short, I paid back all of my general savings within a week, and set the 401k loan term for one year. I have to pay back the loan with 6 or 8% interest, I forget which. Well, since I started to pay on the loan, the price has dropped on the value of the funds in which I invest (what fund hasn't dropped?). So in essence, I am in the rare position of selling high and buying low, without intending to.

But of course, this is me, and the ball never bounces my way, so I anticipate losing my job in a couple of months (the bank I work for was bought and the buyer runs a Novell network from a command center several states away, and we run a Windows 2003 shop), and not getting another until all my savings run out, and starting from square one. Oh well, it could be worse. I could have been a Bernie Made-off-with-other-peoples-money investor.
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    That's awesome! And the 6-8% goes to you too!

    Having worked for a company that had a Novell/AD environment, I think you have a strong position for convincing the new company that Novell should go the way of the Dodo bird. :)
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