Method for detecting unauthorized devices

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Greetings all

Im looking for a way to ensure no devices on a network have wireless capabilities, or lo jack installed, or gps enabled. Is there such a thing as software that does such a thing? Thank you
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    You might want to look at kismet and/or netstumbler for the wireless stuff. There's a fairly comprehensive list of related programs here:

    I don't know about lo jack, but for GPS, aren't the devices simply receiving signals? If so, I don't think you're going to be able to detect those.
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    You could check with your state law regarding jamming devices to block wifi. Setting up of port security on your switched network so that these devices cannot be plugged in.

    Lo Jack for laptops and computers? If that's the case like any network traffic, it can be blocked at Layer 3 by a router or firewall. You just need to know what you're looking for. Once having identified the traffic such as what protocol and port, then you should be able to prevent its propagation. If you're talking about the devices they use in cars, I thought that was GPS based.

    I'm not so sure about GPS, but that probably runs inline with what I mentioned for jamming. Check with your state laws to see the legality of that method. Some states allow it, some don't.
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    I'm not sure what are you looking for. There are many products out on the market. You need to be more specific because you might need to get more than few of them together to get to the point to reach your business objective.
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    You are looking for network hardware and software audit solutions used to perform hardware inventories and software discovery. Google for "asset discovery" or "asset management" products for computer networks.
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    We use Solarwinds and Track-it and using both to overlap do a good job of monitoring/auditing systems and the network to see what people have loaded/are using. We don't have the systems locked down too tight at the moment, but using these tools makes it easier to represent to the executive staff on the need and what people are loading onto the systems.

    I would imagine Netmon would be a quick way to check through out the day as well in your case.
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