Citrix XenServer will be free

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Interesting. The new XenServer release will be free according to this, and not just the hypervisor, all the Enterprise type tools/functionality too. Though my Northern-England-sceptical side is telling me to dig deeper to find the gotcha's :)

Citrix Systems New Citrix XenServer Release
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    Oh yea there is a gotcha....not all the features are there...

    Citrix offers cut-down XenServer for free -
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    I was surprised by this offer. It does not have all the bells and whistles as VMWare, but for a SMB this would not be a bad "investment". I am performing some testing on this Virtualization platform.

    There are some features you will have to pay for. But overall this platform is free. You can setup Virtual Pools for redundancy.

    Sun is also entering the market VirtualBox I have not done any testing yet.
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