Window cleaner for monitor screen

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I posted this question a few days ago but removed it as I couldn't find the source that told me to use window cleaner for cleaning a monitor's screen. Well I found it so here's the question posted once again.

Is it common practice to use window cleaner to clean your monitor screen?

A practice test that I'm using has a question that claims that its best to use window cleaner to clean the screen. It claims that you should spray the cleaner on a towel and then wipe down the screen.

I was told a while back that this wasn't a good idea as it can remove some sort of film that coats the monitor screen.

What's the correct answer for the real exam?


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    Well, it is common practice, but it is not the correct method. You are right-- window cleaner can damage the anti-glare coating. Whatever you do use, never spray it on the monitor for obvious reasons.

    They do have wipes for monitors.

    For the exam I would look at what is being asked. If it is asking about the method of cleaning I would look toward the spray-on-cloth-not-monitor route. It is multiple choice so if the question leaves you no alternative than to choose glass cleaner, so be it. If you can choose another "wet" solution, go with it instead.
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    Window cleaner like windex can melt/Damage an LCD Screen.
    Use a lint free cloth.
    Damp moist cloth with water will work great!
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    I use a special kind of gel to clean my LCD. Spray it on to a fleece and clean and dry the screen with it. Works perfectly and doesn't leave any scratches on the LCD screen.
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    I use Endust Electronics Spray. $2 for a big can, works for me. But, if you're cheap, warm damp cloth is good too.
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    Was just at Best Buy today and for $9.99 they make a micro fiber cloth with spray kit. That would be your best bet.
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