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These resources are not currently on the Cisco learning website for this exam, but based on my recent experiences, might be helpful with some of the more in-depth security topics.

EAP Version 1.01 Certificate Guide - Cisco Systems - This link goes into details regarding EAP certificates, how to install them, when they are used and for what. It probably goes into a little too much depth as far as what each of the fields within the certification is for, but it's good stuff.

Protected EAP (PEAP) Application Note - Protected EAP (PEAP) Application Note - Cisco Systems - PEAP configuration. This is more of a configuration guide, but provides some of the "how's" of PEAP. This is really good, particularly the parts later on in the guide, for filling in some of the blanks left from the exam guide on PEAP.

Cisco EAP-FAST [Cisco Aironet Wireless LAN Client Adapters] - Cisco Systems - A Question and Answer page regarding EAP-FAST. Perhaps even more useful is the chart detailing similarities and differences between PEAP, Cisco-LEAP, EAP-TLS, and EAP-Fast. I was also glad to see a description of the similarities between PEAP with MS-CHAPv2 and PEAP with GTC.

Unified Wireless Network Local EAP Server Configuration Example - Cisco Systems - This document describes Local EAP in a good amount of detail. I found little documentation elsewhere for this one and it can be tricky. - A nice clear explanation of 802.1x including each of the authentication steps, which can be hard to find. Know what each player in the authentication is called and the steps!

Other Supplemental Links not Directly Related to EAP...

Cisco Secure Services Client - Products & Services - Cisco Systems - This link is good not so much for the information on the page, but the links to all kinds of information regarding the Cisco Secure Services Client, something I haven't seen much in the wild, but seems to be being pushed by Cisco as a better way of connecting clients than the Windows Zero Configuration utility or perhaps even the Cisco ADU. - A concise listing of the different versions of CCX and what they support.

The only other thing I can say is that it is good to get some hands-on time with the WCS interface, if nothing else, although being familiar with both the GUI and CLI of the WLAN Controllers and then the AP's themselves is also very important. I think this would be difficult experience to get without either a very expensive lab, a class with lab equipment, or experience at work with these systems.

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