Resume Advice: No Experience

Hello everyone, I was hoping to receive some advice on building my resume.

I'm currently still in community college, should be graduating in the fall with an Associates in Applied Science, Network Technology Degree this fall.

I currently hold Comptia A+, Network+, Security +, and MCP, MCSA Certs and soon MCSE.

However the downfall is... I have ZERO experience other than classes I've taken in college and the certification bootcamp I went through.

I really don't plan on STARTING out with a Network/Systems Admin or Engineer position..

Willing to start at the bottom, and work my way up.. so possibly lookin for Level 1 HelpDesk or Technician Job.

Any advice you can offer would be great, thanks in advance!


  • jryantechjryantech Member Posts: 623
    Wow the "Certification Bootcamp" got you A+, Network+, Security+, MCP and MCSE?

    With that amount of knowledge you should have no problem landing an internship. Talk with your schools advisers.

    If you can't find an internship, you should have no problem with landing a job for a NOC Tech or Desktop Support if you cite that you are in school and have those certifications.
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  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    I appreciate the optimism, but it still proves to be hard times for me.

    I'm 4 classes away from getting my AA Degree in Network Technology.

    One of them being the dreadful English 101! Other courses I already have certifications in, so teachers award me with an automatic 'A'.

    Through I did the A+/Network 7day camp. Fairly easy, Comptia Exams normally are.
    Right after that I endured a 14day Microsoft "butt-whoopin". First 2 days we knocked out Security+ which I found myself enjoying most of all, which is where I want to go in life is network security, ethical hacking, pen testing is in my future hopefully.

    However I say butt whooping because I've never been in an office environment, never worked with network operating systems or even heard of Active Directory!! All my fellow classmates and teachers thought I must have been crazy to sign up for it. I honestly didn't know what I was signing up for. The course was EXTREMELY fastpaced and difficult for me, and you definitely have to already know what you're doing. I studied night after night, for hours on end, to where I dreamed about GPO's and Active Directory. I just barely passed all my exams. My proudest accomplishment was walking out with atleast my MCSA. I didn't get my MCSE like I wanted, but I'm almost there, I atleast passed my 70-293 before leaving.

    I re-take my 70-294 this friday, I'm studying right now actually. Taking 70-298 sometime in March/April.. and then my 70-299 in either April or May. No rush, since I really want to take the time to LEARN everything and get more experience.

    Thats my BIGGEST downfall, is I have ZERO experience. My friends tell me that experience overpowers certifications.. but then others with experience tells me that they need certifications to get the higher paying jobs.

    I needed these certifications to even be noticed, to even get ANY kind of job so I can get some sort of experience. I'm hoping it all works out in my favor, just need that ONE big break, that ONE opportunity to get my foot int he door, and I'm just going to run with it. I'm hungry for knowledge I'm hungry to excel in the IT Department.

    Resume is everything and I feel like I'm not really advertising myself as well as I could since I don't have the experience, just the Certifications.

    I'm living proof that you don't NEED to know everything to pass the certifications, but I had the will power to Memorize and try and learn quickly and understand basic concepts to pass these difficult exams. I don't know maybe I'm just selling myself short.

    Just trying to get out there and get that entry level job, help desk, it support, jr admin, anything to get me going..

    so again, any recommendations or keywords to throw on my resume to help land me that big time break, I would greatly appreciate. Thank you for all those who read, and give back some sort of advice.

    if you have any question about TrainingCamp I will be more than willing to share my exciting and unforgettable experience with you.

    Thank you again. Have a great day.
  • TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
    ask the school about a internship

    As for a resume, just look up some examples on google and make sure you list any classes that you've taken that you don't have certs for. Usually you don't list those on resumes but employers would probably want to know that if you're part of the internship program.

    If you're going out and looking for a job in the regular job market then get ready for some competition, people are losing their jobs now and overqualified people might be applying for that job you're eyeing. It also depends on how the local job market is where you live at though.

    If you ask me English 101 is one of the most important classes to take when you first get in college, it helps with writing all those pesky essays that they tend to give you. Its those math and odd ball fine arts classes that need to be avoided if you ask me.
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    I'm exceptional at math. I had a high enough score on my SATs that I never needed to take the Assessment math test. I took Pre-Calculus my first year for my 4 credits. I wanted to continue on, but took up computer classes instead.

    I've taken English multiple times, but for number of reasons I had to either Audit, Withdraw or Fail the course. My biggest upset was taking English 101 one summer, I was sick/hospitalized, missed my final.. when contacting the English teacher on when to make up, she never replied.. I had an A in her class, I failed that course. Since then, I've ran into number of misfortune.

    Finally passing English will be one of my proudest accomplishments, I've read so much, written so much, I should be an English Major!! but I pretty much HATE english now since I've had to take it so many times over and over.. icon_study.gif

    I would like to go back and follow up on my Mathematics.. I once wanted to be Cryptanalyst, problem solving, cracking codes is so much fun icon_cool.gif


    Did I mention that the pressure is on me to hurry up and succeed? My entire family has worked at or does work at NSA and pity on the fact that I've been at a community college for almost 5years now? icon_rolleyes.gif

    I knew I wanted to do computers but had no idea what I wanted to take. I started off A+ Courses, then Cisco courses, then Computer Programming, then Web Design, now Networking (microsoft)..

    I think now I have a good idea on what I want to do with my career icon_thumright.gif
  • TalicTalic Member Posts: 423
    You didn't get your money back for that course? If you were in the hospital, you should of been able to get a letter pretty easy. Failing a course does a number on your GPA, not to mention it's a waste of money.

    That's good that your good at math, I haven't taken a serious math course in 5 years and I'm dreading taking a college one after so long. You should go after a computer science degree since your comfortable with it.
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    I tried to argue about it, and there response at the time was that theres nothing I/they could do? icon_confused.gif:icon_rolleyes.gif

    definitely bad experience when it comes to english.. but since then I've learned to use the audit/withdraw options whenever I encountered another medical problems.. its like my body doesn't like english so it finds away to come up with something wrong and requires attention just to get out of english. icon_sad.gif


    so back on the topic at hand; not just for me.. but for anyone else out there that are in the same/similar situations..

    what are some key ways/keywords we can use to really brighten up our resume?

    I think i've read someone that using "objectives" is a bad thing? Right now I'm using "to obtain an entry level position in IT Department" maybe I should modify that for each online application I apply it to, to be more specific or subtle?

    I also loaded up my Certifications, but if I'm not really applying for an Admin position, should I really put it on there since I don't have the experience to back up that certification? Might not look too good having the certification and not really knowing much about it. I mean in all honesty. I'm a fast learner, and if someone was to present me with a problem or task/duty.. said "marvin.. can you do this" (my name is marvin btw), I would say okay give me "xx" amount of time, and I'll have it done, and I can figure out how to fix/or go about doing what needs to be done. that being said, do I leave it on there, or take it off? I'm sure in this world of IT, anything I put on my resume, they're going to call me out on? so I should have enough knowledge to answer scenario questions??

    Is there a Do's or Don't(s) List for how many references to use, and which references to use? and as far as Education? High School? College? I'm still wondering if the 3 week TrainningCamp can be conisdered Vocational School? Definately shows that I have potential to work hard, study hard, and learn new stuff and do what it takes to pass certification exams.

    again, any pointers and suggestions would be wonderful.

    For now I've been using microsoft word entry-level resume template.
  • eansdadeansdad Member Posts: 775 ■■■■□□□□□□
    I don't know how good your community college IT degree path is but in NJ the local community college was worthless. I started my degree with 7 years experience and the classes were a joke. In the Linux class (a 200 level course) we had a student ask when the adjunct was describing Linux....."What is C?". I should have dropped the class after that. We made it through 6 chapters. I've since left the community college and will be starting at UAT online. UAT-Online: Network Security

    If your looking for good experience, you could try the military. You might not get network security but you will get a good IT background and a security clearance. The clearance would help open a lot of doors in the network security field as a lot of companies would rather hire someone with it then have to get it for them as it can take 6months to a year depending on the clearance level.
  • d00dled00dle Member Posts: 46 ■■□□□□□□□□
    damn. if u can't find an entry level job with all those certificates, sure there's no hope for a noobie like me icon_sad.gif
    Comptia A+
    220-601: Essentials - score 685 (March, 2009)
    220-602: IT Technician - score 792 (March, 2009)

    Comptia Network+
    N10-003 - score 554 (April, 2009)

    70-620: Configuring Windows Vista - score 807 (May, 2009)
  • dynamikdynamik Banned Posts: 12,312 ■■■■■■■■■□
    d00dle wrote: »
    damn. if u can't find an entry level job with all those certificates, sure there's no hope for a noobie like me icon_sad.gif

    Maybe there's a lack of jobs, or he's in an area of high competition. There are many variables involved. Certs are great, but they aren't everything. Don't get discouraged.
  • eMeSeMeS Member Posts: 1,875
    dynamik wrote: »
    Maybe there's a lack of jobs, or he's in an area of high competition. There are many variables involved. Certs are great, but they aren't everything. Don't get discouraged.

    Actually, if his profile is correct...Va/DC/Baltimore is currently one of the best places at the moment for people that are job hunting.

  • Daniel333Daniel333 Member Posts: 2,077 ■■■■■■□□□□
    Check your college for internships etc. you'll need those for your resume and if that doesn't work volunteer at a senior center or a library. Snag a help desk job and start building experience up. Don't over certify, with no experience it can actually make you look bad. Can't find a help desk? Try Geek Squad.

    Also should join a professional users group. Plenty of them around too, also great for a resume if they are big enough. But still good conversational topics for the interview if they are not.

    Also wanted to point out the backbone of most networks is going to be Cisco. You really do need a CCNA and a few specializations now days. CCNA:Security is real world enough I think.

    Lastly, finish your degree. Stopping at an AA isn't a good move.
  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Member Posts: 2,111 ■■■■□□□□□□
    This thread reads like, i've got a bunch of certs, i have no experience, i'm lacking the knowledge that goes behind those certs so i'm lacking confidence when it comes to getting a job.You basically braindumped your certs, using **** material or not, i dont care, most of the material you learned went into nvram and unfortunately somebody hit the power switch.My advise would be,forget about having msce and go back and study the old material, not form an exam viewpoint but from how you expect it to be used in the real world.
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  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    well im not going to disagree.. I definitely have to know what I'm talking about, or what I'm doing for that matter.

    I've been getting some advice on resume making even though I lack the PROFESSIONAL experience.

    I've separated my SKILLS and my CERTIFICATIONS..

    The SKILLS I've learned from the college courses I've taken, personal experience.

    Certifications I've obtained with these Skills, and help of TrainingCamp.

    School I went to and it's relative courses.

    and I'm even using some Volunteer Work I did for a Local Computer Shop.

    So when asked about the certifications and/or trainingcamp, I'm prepared to talk about how my college courses prepared me for these exams, and talk about my experience with labs that we did in College, TrainingCamp, and personal experience.

    I really dont want anyone to raise a BS Flag on my expertise icon_cool.gif

    Really need SOMETHING to jump off my resume to LAND that "entry level" aka FOOT IN THE DOOR job.. so I can really get more PROFESSIONAL experience under my belt, and let that speak for itself.. until then.. only thing I have is College Courses Completed, and Certifications..

    Obviously not just anyone who doesn't know anything can pass the certifications exams, have to have some background knowledge of the material. Should stand for something.

    Thanks for all the advice, love the feedback, whether positive or negative.. Criticism should always be honest. Thanksicon_cheers.gif
  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    eMeS wrote: »
    Actually, if his profile is correct...Va/DC/Baltimore is currently one of the best places at the moment for people that are job hunting.


    I've been trying to find Baltimore Jobs.. but nothing are really available for ENTRY LEVEL.. most want 2-5 Years Experience and/or Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/IT

    However, I do have a MUCH better shot for DC Jobs.. which is where I'm aiming my resume to next..

    VA is a good place aswell, but more limited than Baltimore IMO.

    Thanks Guys!
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