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Hi Guys

I’m about to start studying and are basing my notes off the comptia website, I’m using these notes from this website and also Network+ Study quide by David Groth, I think these notes are more suitable than this book. For Domain 1.0 under 1.2 it asks "Specify the main features of 802.2, 802.3, 802.5, 802.11b, FDDI including speed, access, method, topology and media". My questions are how in-depth do you actually have to go for 802.2 which I am unsure of (any hints on what to put for this would be great). Also what is meant by Method? What I have written for 802.5 is:

Specifies a logical ring, physical star, and token passing media access method based on IBM's token ring. A token is passed around the network from station to station, when a station does not need to transmit data it passes the token to the next station in the logical ring. A station that receives the token and needs to transmit data seizes the token and sends a data frame, the receiving station marks the data frame as read and passes it forward along the ring to the source station. Stations connect to Multistation Access Units.
Transfer Rate = 4 or 16mbps
Max Attachments per segment is 250 (Im also un-sure what is meant by this as well)
uses Twisted pair, Cat3 for 4mbps and Cat5 for 16mbps
Access method is token passing
logical topology is ring, physical topology is star
encoding type is differential Manchester
Connector type is RJ-45

So is this the sort of answer i should study for each standard or are they plainly just after speed, access, etc like the objectives say? I have seen on a few occasions that token ring questions are asked alot in some peoples exam, so im not sure if that is enough or is it?

Thanks for the help


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    Your on the right track with everything! You should look out for some of the following things below for 802.5:

    1.No collision because 1 computer transmits at a time (active moniter).
    2.260 computers over STP with 100 meters.
    3. 72 Computers over UTP with 45 meters.
    4.HSTR (high speed token ring) 100mbps.
    5.Topology = Logical ring but physical star
    6.IMPORTANT....All token ring network cards have to use the same speed nic cards to work correctly..meaning all nic speeds are 16mpbs for example.
    Good luck-
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    Thanks for the help with 802.5
    I think that should cover that standard.

    Just a few more things:

    I am confused with 802.2, what and how in depth do you have to know this standard, is it expected that you just know that it connects to layer2 of the OSI 7 layer model or is there a speed, method, access etc for this as well?

    Also what is meant by Method?

    Thanks again for the help
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    janmikejanmike Member Posts: 3,076
    I believe that the method indicates either collision detection or token passing...............my best guess.
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    "Specify the main features of 802.2, 802.3, 802.5, 802.11b, FDDI including speed, access, method, topology and media".

    Review the Technotes, you will find a great summary of what you should know about each 802.x and FDDI there.
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