Good Network Magazine like Windows IT Pro for System Admins

LOkrasaLOkrasa Member Posts: 343 ■■■□□□□□□□
I am looking for a good Network Mag/website/publication that is like the Windows IT Pro publication but with a focus on Network stuff. Windows IT Pro is great for the systems admin due to step by step tutorials on different problems. Some articles are geared for real world problems with real world solutions on how to tackle certain issues. They often contain articles on how to do certain tasks via scripting and automating tons of stuff... It also contains tons of great product reviews. However, none of this stuff really helps me. I need a publication that helps with the network guy sitting in a Cisco shop with questions and issues. Does something like that exist? Maybe a website with articles etc? Something that pertains to real world network problems/configs/designs/etc...

Any help would be appreciated...



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