Western digital made me feel so dumb

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Well I just want to share my experience with wd's hard drive. It got a new jumper setting option which is Master w/ slave and master - single drive. I've set it to master w/ slave using my old maxtor as slave, I've installed winxp and it worked fine but after the first boot my system drive letter is g: and I don't feel comfortable with that... to make story short I disconnected the maxtor HD proceed to full reinstallation but It failed and it is always restarting over again booting with my optical drive skipping the prompt to press a key for cd emulation. Now I figured it out that wd drive is not happy without a slave in that mode. A simple mistake cause me a lot of time figuring out what was wrong. Just sharing one of my dumbest experience. :)
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    Brain fart day!!

    We all have them, lol
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    If it's any consolation, the Maxtor Central Axis 1tb SAN I bought last week seemingly has software coded by brain dead monkeys. No FTP? wtf. I should have read the box better.
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    Also make sure that when you do add a slave drive it's configured for slave (no jumper) and not Master. WD drives can act very badly when the jumpers are not correct.
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    You not got Cable Select?
  • ladiesman217ladiesman217 Posts: 416Member
    tiersten wrote: »
    You not got Cable Select?

    It has CS, Slave, Master-single drive and Master w/ slave.

    gotcha! icon_redface.gif
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  • JDMurrayJDMurray Certification Invigilator Surf City, USAPosts: 11,437Admin Admin
    Make sure that you use an actual Cable Select cable. The regular 40-pin IDE cables don't support Cable Select. That's where I've been "made to feel dumb" a few times. It makes me wonder why I didn't make the move to SATA controllers and drives sooner. icon_wink.gif
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    yeah. I'm using an 80 wire ide cable. Despite the unusual jumper settings I have to say wd's hd are one of the fasterst out there.
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