It's a nightmare

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I was dreaming last night, and it started off well. Involving a hot babe with blonde hair, short mini skirt, and nicely tanned legs, wearing high heels. icon_cool.gif She was immediate drawn to my Alpha male presence, and soon enough I was performing a widely popular maneuver on her, with the power, precision and timing only matched by the finest, properly lubed V12 Ferrari Enzo engine ever devised.

I looked down and noticed she had a tattoo at the small of her back. I thought "how cute." Then I looked more closely, i could discern it wasn't a "tribal" tattoo. Nor was it Celtic, floral in nature, or barbed wire. As the image became more focused, I realized what it was. The tattoo was a mac address. icon_eek.gif WAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH !!

Pathetic. I can't even take a break and have a decent dream without thinking about computer/ internetworking material. icon_cry.gif

Maybe tonight I can assign an IP address to her interface P0 and set it to encapsulate in frame-relay. icon_rolleyes.gif


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    lol..I have had dreams like that before....They mostly envolve work, like in the middle of a dream that has nothing to do with computers, the network goes down... If I studied alot the night before sometimes I dream about the topics but can't really remember whats going on...I'm glad to hear there are others out there.... :D
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    Just wait until you wake your self up punching buttons on the phone next to the bed.....trying to configure an IP address. I did that the night before one of my Cisco tests. icon_wink.gif

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