ICND2 = Down -> CCNA!

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Hey everyone,

It's been a very long day, I had to drive a couple of hours each way to get to my testing center this morning. This is after my first testing center's network was down on Tuesday.

ICND2 Odom book
CCNA Lammle Guide
CBT Nuggets
real hardware

about 300 hours or so I would say since Oct 1 2008 went into this and ICND1

970 with 20 minutes left (surprisingly I had time remaining, it was really short it seemed)


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    Congrats! That's a great score!

    Are you going to be doing more Cisco certs?
  • nevolvednevolved Member Posts: 131

    I think I might start on the ccna:voice or ccna:security.

    Is there a certification that focuses on the ASA or PIX? We use both products frequently where I work, and training on them would help.
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    I believe CCSP focuses on ASAs. CCNA:Security is the prerequisite for CCSP, so that would put you on the right track.
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    Congrats! I hope to join your ranks soon! =)
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    CONGRATS on the pass! Thanks for listing your training setup/material, I plan on starting Cisco after I finish up my MCSA ( 291 test next week). Any comments on the GNS3? I know a lot of people recommend it, I have downloaded it but haven't installed it for my lab yet.
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    Congrats on your pass...I know how good I felt when I passed :D
  • kriscamaro68kriscamaro68 A+, Net+, Server+, Security+, Win7 MCP, Server 2012 Virtualization Specialist, MCSA 2012 Member Posts: 1,186 ■■■■■■■□□□
    I want to get certs in the firewall side of things to. Check this link out might point you in the direction your looking to go.

    Cisco ASA Specialist - Career Certifications & Paths - Cisco Systems
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    Congrats I have mine on March 15th, had to reschedule :P
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    The Cisco Specialist Certifications are nice since you get something for just a couple exams. The down side is that they expire every two years. You either re-take the exams or do a CCIE Written Exam to recertify them.

    The Cisco ASA Specialist (dang! I don't have that one!!) requires CCNA:Security as a prerequisite and the 2 CCSP ASA Exams.
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    Congrats on the pass! Am looking to go same route to!
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