6to4 tunnel help

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Hey ipv6 gurus!

I have a question on ipv6 tunneling.

1. can I after setting up ipv6 tunneling on my ASA 5505, get access to ipv6 network still?
or is it one or the other?
2. Do I have to configure my LAN side PC to have a ipv6 address or does the router convert my inside LAN address to the ipv6 address and then tunnel to ipv6 relay?
3. What if my ISP has ipv6 relaying on there end done and is seemless on my end.
So when I try ipv6.google.com I can get to it but is it possible to have the ISP
have some ipv6 routers converting all their public IPS to ipv6 address to have access
to the ipv6 world? and for us on our end not to even have to do anything with our gateway routers?

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