Preparing to take A+ Core exam.

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As most of you probably were before taking the test, I am indeed quite nervous. I think I'm going to schedule a test date sometime later this week, but I still feel as though I need to study a bit more.

However, I can't seem to find any other A+ Core-only practice exams to take over the internet. If anyone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of such tests, I'd be very grateful.

Also, would it be possible for someone to let me know what to expect on the exam? I want to know as much as possible before I go in there and test my knowledge. icon_wink.gif

Tips would be greatly appreciated.


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    24 Hours in a day...24 Beers in a case...Coincidence?
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    This site seems pretty good too. For CompTIA, they also have practice exams and study guides available for A+ OS, NETWORK+, I-NET+, LINUX+, SERVER+, and CIW SITE DESIGNER (never heard of the last one).

    They have practice exams for MCSE and CISCO as well.
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    lseals wrote:

    Thanks man.
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