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Hello all,

I received my Electronics Engineer Diploma the 4th of February, here in Colombia, medellin (Five Best Cities to Live in 2009 if the Economy Keeps Tanking), and now Im trying to get my studies credentials internationally recognize, so Ive asked around and there are companies that do such things, like to get my career recognized on the US and internationally...

Is there anything I should know, or someone here might suggest one!

Thank you!


  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    Hello, since no one is answering I have been looking for this sort of stuff and found this... I would like to hear your opinions or experiences with these sorts of stuff.

    Globe Language Services, Inc.
    About US : GAtool - Global Academic Tool

    I would like to know if this is internationally recognize or just in the US?
  • ULWizULWiz Member Posts: 722
    Unfortunately i dont think any non us degree will cary any weight here in the US. Even out of country doctors have to go through the system here in the US before they can practice here.
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    As was said by ULWiz, most international degrees aren't recognized. There are exceptions, Oxford, the Sorbonne, but most will not be recognized as equivalent. I would be very hesitant about paying a company that says they will get it recognized. It could very well be a scam.
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  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    Thank you, I will look into it further!!
  • ChronusMaximusChronusMaximus Member Posts: 54 ■■□□□□□□□□

    I know there are some companies that will translate transcripts from other universities. But as others have commented most international degrees will not be recognized. If you plan on attending a school in the United States you can have your transcripts converted into a transcript that universities MIGHT give you credit for.

    I work for a university and we have several international students apply. Many times they have their international degree translated by private companies as I side before. I have noticed that many classes transfer in as 2 or 3 credit hours where as the American equivalent is usually 3 or 4 credit hours. I have never heard of paying for a company to make the degree recognized though.

    You might want to contact an academic adviser or some one in International Student Services at your nearest college to see if they have any recommendations.

    Best of Luck!
  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 12,962 Admin
    This is certainly the case where internationally-recognized certifications will trump a non-internationally-recognized degree.
  • motogpmanmotogpman Member Posts: 412

    My wife is from Cali, so I can sympathize. It is very hard to get educational transcripts recognised. We tried to get my wife's college transferred over here and it was a waste of time. I know of a few people who have professional degrees from Colombia, medical fields, and they can't even get their degree's recognised here. This is even with a doctorates degree, she had to take a nurses position here.

    Have you tried to look at US jobs there, your English is very good and it could lead to work visa's here. It would be a start. Like JD said, certs will get you farther, internationally speaking. Shoot me a PM.

    *** On a side note, I would rather have all my medical/dental work done in Colombia than here. They seem to take things more personal, price difference, and the "bedside manners" aspect could be something that our US medical industry could take lessons from.
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  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    Thank you motogpman!!!

    I have indeed been trying to find jobs in the US, but since im physically here in colombia I believe that makes it harder... and I dont want to go as an illegal alien looking for a job I would like to go to the US with one...

    Thank you for the compliments on my english...

    And about your side note, medical work here in Colombia is way cheaper and really great and post operation caring is really really great, my aunt is coming in several weeks to get some surgery done, Im not sure what, but I have known lots of people from other countries that come and get theyre operations here...
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