Cisco Academy: Fundamentals of Networking Skills Exam

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Can someone please tell me what consists on the Fundamentals of Networking skills exam and what sections need alot of studying.


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    The final exam should cover everything you went over in all the modules.

    When I did the old academy courses I just used the module exams to review and refresh the material in my mind for the final. I averaged 99% for all 4 semesters so that seemed to work well for me.

    The skills part may vary by instructor -- but it's usually just a collection of tasks from the various labs. If you learned the concepts from the labs (and not just typing rote commands) then the skills portion should be easy. It's a chance to demonstrate the knowledge you learned and the skills you acquired. I think most instructors define some network requirements and have you set up a simple network solution using a lab pod. I guess it could also be done using Packet Tracer for the first couple of semesters.
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