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yesterday. icon_cheers.gif

the beast and security+ next.


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    Congrats. icon_cool.gif
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    Great score, what did you think was the hardest part of this test? Got any tips of what to focus on?

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    thanks all, much much appreciated. hope to keep on the positive trend through the beast.

    i got a DFS question that completely threw me for a loop. didn't see that one on skills measured and it's not something i'm completely familiar with yet. i sat uncomfortably in my chair for a few minutes, and applied process of elimination with some common sense -- but that was the extent of it. icon_lol.gif

    i thought the test was pretty straight forward. imo, it was a pretty accurate and balanced mix of whats on the skills measured page for 290. just be familiar with whats on there and you're in pretty good shape. know your permissions, access, backup, recovery, disk configs, user & group management, gpo, wsus, terminal server, rdp, performance, etc.

    if you prepare well and have a pretty solid understanding of how they work, you'll cruise through it -- no worries. just think on your feet and know how to apply and work with the above. the technotes were invaluable in my study. know those inside and out. the practice questions were pretty accurate as well.

    i had taken 270 before this and the sims were new to me. again, awkward for a second while i oriented myself, but straight foward after. know your way around your menus, etc.

    shooting for mid-april for the beast with the intent to prevail. icon_thumright.gif

    i think i'm actually more concerned about security+ icon_lol.gif
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