Passed Core, only took 2 years!

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Well, I finally decided to stop putting the test off and took the core. Passed with 675. Thought I did better, but I guess the questions I had the most trouble with were the ones weighing the most points.

The majority of the books/notes I used were for the 2001 objectives, didn't recognize questions in the exam that were specifically from the 2003 objectives.

I tried many practice exams, but the one that most looked like the A+ Core was the one from preplogic. Didn't try the transcender one, mainly because preplogic was cheaper. The technotes here were great. I used them to study while sitting in the waiting room of the test center.

Planning on taking the OS in about 3 weeks.



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    Congrats! I know the feeling-- I bought my study materials in 2001, but didnt take my exams until 2003-- just months before the objectives were amended.

    Keep the fire going... after O/S start planning your next cert (or, be like me and wait a full year! yikes!!)
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    I'm using PrepLogic too. I'm happy to hear that you passed and that you seem content with having used the practice tests from PrepLogic.

    I'm just using the one's that came with the books that I got.

    These include:
    Exam Cram 2 A+ 2nd Edition
    Exam Cram 2 A+ Practice Questions

    I'm not solely relying on these as I'm also using a number of practice exams that I've found online (including the ones from this site).

    I hope I do as well as you did.

    I had planned to take the exam last week but didn't feel confident so I've put it off till this coming Thursday. Hopefully I'll go through with it this time.

    Anyway, congratulations.

    Now back to the books. I must return to my studies :)
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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