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Hey - I just did the CCNA Intro Practise Exam online after registering and got 12/35 - I'm in the process of studying at the moment - would like to do CCNA in 2 parts - so CCNET first.
Did the Practise Exam just to see where i'm at now - Now I'll go do some serious study and come back to do the practise exams again!!!!! Thanks for this great opportunity.
If anyone has CCNET/CCNA tutorials/test exams etc, then let me know - Is 2 months enuf time to study for CCNET?- seeing that i'll only be studying after hours when kids have bed! LOL :)
I got some cool tutorials also from Utube on Subnetting so should be good!!!!
icon_rolleyes.gif Will let you know how it all goes! Wish me luck!!


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    Hi c8tzcholai,

    It definately is possible to get it done in 2 months, I think that is the time frame I from start to finnish to get the CCENT done and CCNA within another two. This all however depends on how much about networking you already know.

    Try some of the prep quizes and videos and read through the information on the Cisco Learning Network:

    I also read some of Todd Lammle's study guides for the CCNA and CCENT which were a major advantage, as well as working off the official texts.
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    Hands-on labs REALLY help with CCNA stuff. Either try to find some simulators, or pick up an old Ciso router off Ebay and play with it.
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