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Hi all,

I used to purchase my exam vouchers from Getcertified but have recently noticed that they've discontinued International Exam Vouchers.


This was a real saving as I'm based in the UK where each M$ exam usually costs £88.00 (approx $160US) but with a voucher the cost was reduced by around £20 (approx $35US).

Does anyone know of anywhere else where International vouchers can be purchased?

Does anyone know why Getcertified stopped supplying International vouchers? Personally I suspect that the strength of the UK£ had someting to do with it.

You learn, and you don't learn.


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    To make matters worse on top of the £88.00 exam fee in the UK we also have to add 17.5% for VAT (Value Added Tax) bringing the total cost to £103.40 (approx $190US) icon_mad.gif


    Just another reason why young people are leaving 'Rip off Britain' in droves. I personally know two friends that are leaving, one for Spain the other for Austrailia. I suppose they've just got fed up of working their asses off to earn a decent living only to be taxed 40% on their incomes.

    Anyone thinking of coming to Braitain to live/work think twice.

    - 10% National Insurance
    - 17.5% VAT on everything!!! (except kids clothing and gas/electricity for the elderly. Trying to impose the latter nearly caused rioting until they changed their minds).
    - 22% Income tax if earn < £30000 (approx) $55000 US
    - 40% Income tax if earn > £30000 (approx) $55000 US
    - Fuel £3.11/US Gallon ($5.70)
    - Council tax - Don't even ask how much this costs, they just make it up! All you need to know is that it goes up 5-10% every year. Mine cost about $2000 US last year and that's (amongst the cheapest).
    - Congestion charge if you live in London (I don't).
    - Plus about a dozen other stealth taxes.

    That's 'Great Britain' in 2004, not so great IMHO.

    Oh and for anyone using the old arguement "but it's how much you earn vs the cost of living" according to the world bank the GNI (Gross National Income) per capita in the UK in 2002 was $25,510 US. In the USA this figure was $35,400

    You do the math!

    The UK government needs to wake up and realise that much of the talent is leaving for better oppurtunities abroad (or will in the coming years).

    The only people litterally dying (hanging onto the underside of trains in the chanel tunnel or drowning when attempting to swim the English channel) to get into the country are people coming from war torn or poverty stricken areas like Somalia, Iran/Iraq, Alabania, The Congo etc and why not, I would in their situation. The govenment clearly loves this type of immigration as much of these people whether skilled or not in their own country are only ever going to get menial minimum wage type jobs in the UK which we all know is great for the economy and great for the rich. It's a crime.

    <rant over>

    You learn, and you don't learn.
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