Modem Problem in old computer running Windows 98....HELP!!!

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I have a modem that has a built in sound card on it. The modem went bad so I tried to just install another modem card in another pci slot. The card worked for one day, now neither card will work. Also I kept getting an error b/c both cards were causing a conflict with each other. Should I order a modem with a built in sound card on it or would it be easier to just buy a modem and sound card? Is there anways to have have both modems installed where I can use the new one to access the net and the old one for sound. If so how would I set that up so there is no conflict between the two?



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    Did you check your system resources for IRQ, I/O addresses or other conflicts? If you have them both installed at the same time this may be your probelm.
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    First thing I would try is go to Device Manager and disable the old modem.

    Device Manager should list 2 modems and 1 sound card. The OS doesn't know it's built-in. If you disable the old modem and there are no conflicts between the new card and other devices, the new one should work--that is, if the new is a good modem.

    It's worth a try.
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    I would advise to get two seperate cards and ditch the bad modem. In a simplistic kinda way, if the modem went bad, how much longer before the sound goes?
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    see if there is a setting in your BIOS that says something like plug-n-play OS, Yes/NO and set it for no. This will let the BIOS set the resources for your hardware.
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