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Can someone give me a quick rundown as to what the difference is between a packet, segment, and frame? Or is there any real difference?
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    In order to understand the concept well, picture the OSI model.

    The transport layer segments the data. This means it breaks up the chunks into smaller portions to be transmitted over the network. The layer includes the appropriate transport layer headers.

    The network layer packets the segments and includes with every packet the relevant layer 3 information.

    The data link layer frames the packets and includes with every frame the relevant layer 2 information.

    On the recieving side, the process goes backwards. Frames are stripped, then packets disassembled and finally segments passed on to the upper layers.

    For more in-depth info, read the OSI technotes:

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    learn it like this:

    S, P, F, B.. I use the word SPringField :)

    Segment --> Transport layer
    Packet --> Network layer
    Frame --> Data link layer
    Bits --> Physical layer

    Hope this helps :)
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