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HI a dont know if this the correct place for advice, but all your are the experts in diferent ares of programs. i and good in the networks, servers and PC's areas. i never work with any prog. just in the university like 12 years ago, y dont remember any. but now just i want learn a any language programming, that is easy to start and with a lot of demand, is not necessary "microsoft area" and not focus to certification is just for learn and learn good. please i hope your advice can helpme.



  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    python is easy to learn, pretty powerfull too, dont know about the demand, java is in demand along with ruby...
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    Java is in demand and works with many different platforms. Cool part about it is that if you know Java (or C++, etc.), it is a lot easier to pick up the other languages as the concepts are the same. Different syntax, though.

    Good luck!
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    I did C this term, enjoyed it was pretty simple, i suggest attempting this first, as C++, C# & Java languages are built on it! Python is good, but is bit funny, to learn on! C is a procedural language, Python contains aspects from both Procedural and Objected Programming, hence i recommend C, you'll wanna install Textpad as your text editor and mingw as your compiler, as c is a compiled language! I suggest you buy C How To Program by Deitel 5th Edition, 2005, thats what i used last semester!
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