70-652 Study Resources?

stupidboystupidboy Member Posts: 470
I know that the 70-652 exam is not as established as many of the other Microsoft exams at the moment. However, I am wondering if I have all the right ingredients to "go bake some pie" icon_lol.gif

I have the following at my disposal
  • Hyper-V Unleashed Book
  • Microsoft E-Learning Collection 6333
  • Microsoft E-Learning Collection 6319
  • A x64 server that I can install on
I have started reading the Hyper-V Unleashed book, however, I have yet to get to the real meat of the book. Anyhow it's all useful information but I can't wait to get to "Part II".

I have watched a couple of the Microsoft E-Learning modules and I don't think I have the will to complete them all, that is unless they get better as I move on?

Obviously, installing the software is and can only help matters icon_wink.gif

Anyone have anything else to add to the mix? All comments and suggestions welcome.



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