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I have been putting off A+ exam for far too long. To prove my point I have both 4th and 5th version Mike Meyers A+ books... :) We have our first baby girl on the way and I was wanting to buckle down and at least pass the essential before June. May will be even better.

I have been working on PC's mostly around consumer level problems. Virus removals, image reloads, upgrades , gaming systems , home/small business networking. I have always felt I needed to really spend the time to pass the A+ regardless of most people that say you don't need it. Then again most all of those people don't have the cert. So to fill in any gaps in my knowledge I figured I need to complete this first half before my June data arrives. And then plan a few more months for the 602.

I was about ready to schedule for a date but have a few questions before I do.

1.) Legit websites to buy vouchers? I almost just want to pay at the testing center to avoid hassle/scams online. Recommended sites to purchase discounted vouchers that you know work?

2.) I heard the objectives might be changing mid year. How should I plan my course studies around this possibility? Do I sign up now for the current exam? Does this current exam get replaced at some given date with new content that I will have to hunt down with new books?

3.) Is the current revision 2007 standards? I have a CompTIA A+ 2006 (Thomson) and curious what material would be best to read. Mike Meyers 6th revision or any known new versions that just hit the shelves?

Sorry for the questions within a question. Thanks. Great site by the way. Look foward to learning this material.


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    2. You get 6 months after a test is updated to take the old one if you want.

    3. Mike Meyers 6th Edition is probably the best book for the current A+ test.

    June is a modest goal with the experience that you have. The test is not difficult - once your passing the practice tests from your book at about 90% consistently you are ready for the real test.
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    TravR1 wrote: »
    1. 3. Mike Meyers 6th Edition is probably the best book for the current A+ test.

    I have heard about both the Mike Meyers and my CompTIA A+ 2006 book that they cover way too much fluff. Is there a more direct to the point book that I could read that does a better job at only covering test topics? Been reading the reviews on amazon looking for a book like this.

    I just ordered my voucher and sure enough VUE's website is down so I can't book the date. I used GraceTech Solutions for there fast voucher number turn around time.
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    You said you already had the 4th and 5th editions. That should be plenty to get you through this exam. Laser printers still work the same way and USB 2.0 is still 480 Mb/s. Don't stress out over this test too much, it's not that hard.
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    I use Sybex for everything as in my experience, they do a great job covering the material that will be asked on the test. :) I took and passed these late last August using the 2007 version of the Sbex A+ book.

    Oh, and the exam voucher site is Discount Test Vouchers for A+ Certification Microsoft Certification from GetCertify4Less I've bought all my vouchers through them. :)

    Oh, and good point about those who say the A+ is useless usually don't have it. The A+ will fill in some gaps like you mentioned but I think the most importan factor is that you'll gain some confidence from the success and it can very easily propel you to continue your studies. Good luck!
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    Voucher link on the Left-hand side of your window

    As far as the rest, the objectives don't change by that much. If you have the experience you state....get the objectives, review your books and schedule the exams.
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    Thanks for the tips and replies. May 18th @ 9am I am scheduled. I plan on reading the two books through and also focusing on the exam prep questions. Thanks again. icon_study.gif
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    I've worked in IT for many years. I recently took A+, and understand the varying opinions about the certification. In my opinion, it's not so much the cert that is of value, but the materials you have to cover and know for the tests. Despite my hands on 20 years of experience, I learned so much!

    I was thrown by how strange, and off the wall, the certification test can be. But now I am able to approach my job with a new sense of confidence. For a baseline understanding of hardware/software of a PC, A+ is very valuable.

    As for study materials, everyone has offered great suggestions. I think you need to find a "style" of book that works for you, and one that fills in the general knowledge gaps. If you combine that, with some good practice tests, Comptia's objectives, and the tech notes on this site, you will find A+ very valuable/ and easy to pass.

    Bottom line-This cert was well worth my time. Maybe not from the viewpoint of being able to say "I'm A+ certified. Yippee!". But, the wealth of material, goes a long way towards real life value.

    Good luck to you!
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