A+ Essentials-How long did you study for this test?

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How long did everyone study for this test? 6-5 months? 3 months?
Also, how many hours did you per day before taking the exam?
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    I only actually studied for this for a couple weeks. If you have been around computers and done any kind of tech support, it really shouldn't require too much study IMO. I just put it off for a long time, once I passed my CCNA test I had more confidence to get out there and schedule these Comptia tests. If you haven't had much experience I could see it taking a few months if this material isn't familiar.
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    good new :) well, i took the A+ essential 2day and passed! barely pass w/ the score of 685 (u need 675).

    I'm more familar with mac osx operating system and I have very little to no experience (like installing, troubleshooting, etc.), but i think it's possible to cover most of materials in 2-3 months. I did it in 2 months, but put lots if not all of my time to it. that's all I've been doing for the last 2 months and barely cover the essentials part, putting 50+ hours a week (reading A+ Complete study guide), 7-10 hours a day, plus im taking class once a week (review each chapter + Lab). the week before the exam, i did all the chapter reviews (quizes), reread the parts that I think I need to remember, then studied practice exams (they're not word for word, but somewhat help).
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