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I've been planning to go through the MCITP: EA path... but I just received my shipment of the TestOut LabSim Library and the security related DVD's are going to be hard to resist and not distract me from the MCITP :D

TestOut LabSim Library -

Should keep me busy for a little while :)


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    Nice! Almost no need to go outside for a while! LOL
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    take pics of the package :D
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  • msteinhilbermsteinhilber Member Posts: 1,480 ■■■■■■■■□□
    Andretii wrote: »
    take pics of the package :D

    Nothing too fancy, just a bunch of DVD's in a leather case with TestOut stamped on the lower corner of the case. It's a good bargain overall I think, they almost make it so if you desire more than one package that you're best off buying the whole thing. The big downside to that is it's very easy to get a bit interested in some of the other topics (the SSCP, CISSP, and Security+ are going to be alluring) and end up watching a bit out of curiosity when you should be focusing on your main studies :)
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    I suddenly wish I had an extra $2000. ;) That looks cool, and sounds like a heck of a deal.
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    rfult001 wrote: »
    I suddenly wish I had an extra $2000.

    Me too icon_sad.gif
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