272 on the 26th.. dumdum-DUM!

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Can anyone give me any pointers on what to focus on? The press book for his is a slightly different format from the 271 in that the 271 seemed all about facts and understanding, the 272 seems to focus on troubleshooting??

Help! And thanks for reading! icon_lol.gif
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    Hi mate,

    First off good luck on the test. I failed my first attempt at this exam by 3 questions icon_sad.gif as I didnt study what so ever. I had loads of 271 type questions and a few on outlook. As im not to into outlook I found them kinda hard. Id focus on oulook/office.
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    yo to be honest...all i used was the m$ pressbook & the exam cram 2 book...and i was good money. its really not that hard a test, since you know how the format & wording of the 271 is, its just like that in 272....
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