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To everybody that has kept this forum up with helpful posts. I haven't contributed much but still want express my gratitude. Had my OS exam an hr ago. Passed with a mere 522. I expected more cuz I could tell I was passing from the first ten or so questions.
Things to know for those taking it: Trouble-shooting, upgrade paths, boot methods, ALL DOS commands(never know which ones they'll ask in the exam), of course networking with all utilities ie ping, tracert and so on. Having said that, I found that the best possible way to pass A+ is to have the objectives with you while you study, believe me- it will not fail you. Am saying this cuz I;ve been there n done it. This was my 3rd attempt and so, I know what the H*** am talking about. STUDY HARD AND YOU WILL NOT FAIL YOURSELF. I passed core, last year with the old objectives- 1st attempt no problems but OS was another beast from planet H**L
Guess, its not that bad if you do your homework! Good luck to all taking OS. Oh, you have till end of september for the mix n match objectives take advantage of the extension CHECK COMPTIA SITE FOR MORE DETAILS and use the d**n coupons too, they're worth it....


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    Congrats.. :D

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    congratulations. yeah, the new A+ exams are hard.
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    Congrats on becoming A+ certified!
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    Congrats Beez, great job on the exam. Good luck on your future endeavors!
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    Beez, I have a friend with the SAME nickname! lol. Anyway, congratulations. I will heed that advice since I am studying for that exam now.
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    Great Job....Everybody saids the OS exams is a tough 1.
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    Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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    CONGRATS!!!!! Wanna take mine this week? lol jk....thanks for the helpful hints...I can use all I can get for the OS...Yikes!!!
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    Thank you all.
    It's true that the OS test is somewhat harder and requires a lot more study time and practice (as in hands on) especially if you have little or no "on the job"experience. But having said that, bottom line is, STUDY, STUDY and STUDY some more. You might've to revise certain chapters twice but its for your own good.
    -I CAN'T STRESS THIS ANYMORE THAN I ALREADY HAVE:- USE THE EXAM OBJECTIVES when you study-this is key. There are very helpful people in here and so, post questions if you have to! And when you know that you're ready, go in the exam room with a positive approach but at the same time ...like your whole life depended on it. Yeah, you might get nervous a little so what?...it's normal! Listen, the more familiar questions you'll see, the easier it becomes for you to remember what you've already studied. Take it one question at a time without wasting too much brain energy on questions that require you to think a lot. If you don't know the answer, chances are....you won't know the answer, so check it and come back to it later (and who said the adaptive exam was better???)As the test progresses, some answers might pop up, so I ahve to say also that, you should utilize the pen n pad you're provided with at the test center. Right some stuff down that you think you might forget example: switches, minimum requirments for various os installations...(you get the idea right?). Smile icon_smile.gif, it's not that bad after its all said and done. So, from me to you all taking the exam I say, good luck and just look out for the-PASS/FAIL: Pass!...now let's drink some BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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