How to prepare for ONT and which should be next?

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Hey Guys, i just passed the ISCW exam, but i have to say i was a little bit lucky, since i just have done the CCNA security much of the theory seemed to be the same at first peak and i thought it was easier i didnt get the lab right but i passed it.
Dont want to make the same mistake with the ONT how do you think i should prepare for that one, or what material did you use, i normally use a ciscopress book and a nugget if available, for practice i use the GNS3.
Ok and talking about future i was thinking to go for the CCIP, but i dont know which track should i try next??, BGP got my attention and i kinda like it, also MPLS i know it much more difficul the cert of MPLS than the little bit you get to see on CCNP track. CCDP sounce nice too, but if im planning to aim for the CCIE in 2010 Written then lab what do you guys think should be the best track to follow.
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    If you're targeting the CCIE, then the BGP & QOS knowledge from the CCIP exams will be very helpful. And when you're ready for the lab, they could have an MPLS core then. But it doesn't hurt to learn MPLS, even if you just use it for the Written Exam tasks.

    I liked the ARCH exam -- I think it's a good review for the CCIE Written Exam.

    If you get the Odom Cisco Press QoS Exam Certification guide now, you can start preparing for the QoS exam while also studying for the ONT exam. ONT should cover a lot of the QoS basics -- then the QoS exam kicks it up a notch.
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    Thanks Man sounds like a good idea.
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