Sending A+ cert to Microsoft

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Darn it, I tcnat remember the deets. But isn't there a way to merge you COMPTIA and microsoft transcripts? I seem to recall that there are some certification tracks that allow teh A+ as an elective if not a core cert.
Sorry if this is the wrong forum (since its a somewhat MS topic) but I looked all over Ms and Comptia and couldnt get a striaght answer. And I have other fish to fry!
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    Network+ Certification, Server+ Certification, MCSA

    That gives you the directions on how to submit your transcript. The requirements for the MCSA though require either the Server+ or Network+ in conjunction with the A+ to count for an elective, and the MCSE only accepts the Security+.
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    interesting, I mostly just wanted to have it all on one piece of paper. Also still trying to suss what I can do. The MCSE is a long road, so anything I can do for a nice piece of paper in the interim (like MCSA) is welcome.
    studying on 70-290, 70-291 and CCNA.
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    I'm not aware of a way to "merge" the certs. But, I do know that you can send your Comptia certs to MS towards MS certs. For example, A+/Net+ satisfy an elective of MCSA. So, once you send those records to MS, I would think that accomplishes your goal of having all your certs tracked in one place.

    Check Comptia's website. They have specific info about procedures to have your records sent to/recognized by MS.

    Good luck with your certs!
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    Once you've submitted your A+ (but I think you need Net + also) credentials to Microsoft, then they will be listed on your transcript on the MCP home page,
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