Couple of STP questions

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First question i do not see any study guides mentioning interoperability. Does anyone have any type of references to this. Will pvst play nice with rstp. If one switch is running pvst and the other is running pvst and there are redundany links if one of those links goes down how is the recalculation done(which method rapid or not rapid)

Second question is if i am looking at a show spanning-tree from a certain switch and it shows who is root by what port it is connected to how can you tell if that remote switch is running pvst, rpst, or mst. I am going to guess by seeing alternate and backup ports that rstp is being used. Is there any other way to tell


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    1. If a device is running 802.1w and it's neighbor is running 802.1D then it will use the 802.1D rules in its calculation for that neighbor. (Not an elaborate answer but I hope your question is answered) There are a few mentionings in the Cisco Exam Cert Guide.

    2. Good question. I think the only way is to remote to the device and look at it's running config.
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