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I'm coming up (in the next 30 days) on taking my BCMSN. I passed by BSCI a few months ago, so this will be my second CCNP test.

I'm reading a lot of people's notes on taking the BCMSN lately and the common thread seems to be that the standard study material doesn't have that great coverage on Wireless and VOIP/QoS. What do you guys recommend for supplementary material on these topics?

I am currently using:

Cisco Exam Guide
CBT Nuggets
Trainsignal Vids (Chris Bryant)

Also, does anyone have a suggestions for a good lab rental place? The last one I used I wasn't very impressed with (old hardware/old IOS/very quirky).
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    They really don't hit VOIP or Wireless all that hard on the BCMSN.

    That being said, if you're concerned about it, pickup an ONT book and study the material from there as well, as the ONT material builds on the basics in the BCMSN
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    If you have access to genuine Cisco IOS images then check out GNS3 |

    I took the test today and failed. I've gone through the Exam Cert guide and believe it or not all the questions I can remember I've found. A few were very well hidden I must say. Like I said in my "A different kind of "Failed BCMSN" thread" for me the questions weren't rediculous or totally off the wall...I just didn't study enough. Hence I have no frustration about failing. The next time though...it's on like Donkey Kong!
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