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i am busy studying networking and one of the questions is what are the advantages and disadvantages of extending the current dial up access e.g. more/faster modems can you help with any information regarding this subject. Cheers Kimberly. :D


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    oldgearheadoldgearhead Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Well, first of all, in todays world there is nothing 'fast' about dial-up.

    I am assuming you mean dial-up internet access over 'voice grade'
    analog phone lines. In many cases, changing to a faster modem results
    in no increase in performance, because of the physical nature of your
    local line and its path through the phone company's switches. I was just
    testing one of our users dial-up connections: Using his 56K modem, the
    PC was actually connected at 26.4K.

    Faster modems are installed in the hope of establishing faster connection
    speeds. Faster connection speeds result in quicker loading of content from
    the connected source. You have probably experienced waiting for a photo
    to load from a web site. Compare that to the time it takes for a photo to
    load from your 'hard drive. Broadband (T-1, Cable, DSL, etc) all run at
    speeds closer to your hard drive than to dial-up.

    Back to the computer I was testing this morning. I noticed MS had 14
    critical updates available for it. I have no idea how long it would take
    the owner of that computer to perform those updates at 26.4K. I do know
    it took me a little over one hour with a T-1 line and 100MPS LAN.

    In todays PC world, just keepiing up with Windows Updates requires a
    broadband connection.

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    And let us not forget configuring things like Port Settings when you are using the Windows 9X family. Choked to 9600 it does not matter how fast the modem is icon_confused.gif

    I also suggest that you look at your question and see if you can re-phrase it to put across exactly what you are looking for :)
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