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I had my CCNA today at one of the worst testing experience ever. As i worked on the 1st question(sim) a group formed outside the examroom and started making fun and laughing loudly. Only a window separated us so i could see them clearly. Whenever i could turn to the paper and start subnetting they'd burst out in laughter. These went on for almost an hour and all these time i was trying to concentrate on. I controlled myself continued my exam.I think they work there.I later realised they were doing their own CCIE (of me i guess)from the centers surveilence gadgets. Result was one hour and my concentration flew by. I had to guess the rest of the questions. Painfully the exam was so fair, almost like N+ with fewer questions but all i could do was click an answer and next. GOD i was so prepared for this exam judging from its fairness that makes me sick. Got 683 after guessing almost half the questions. I could do it again but not at the same center.I've sacrificed everything (family,friends,fun,food) preparing only for a few goons to take all that away.I feel like taking legal action.
Hard times on planet earth.


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    Dam man sorry to hear that. Why didn't you get up and tell those !diots to have some respect or better yet...knocked all them out. icon_mad.gif Did you make a complain to the testing center about your incident??? I would. It's sad that there are people out there like that. Hope the next time around goes a lot better for you.
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    Wow...sorry to hear that. You handled it better than I would have. I am not a very passive person. I would have went from taking my CCNA exam to administering a ButtWhoopin+ exam to those that were laughing. I would report that testing center and at a minimum get your money back on the exam. That is crazy. Good luck...

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    Thanks! Right now exams suck. Checked my pearsonvue acc and it record it says fail just like CISCO.I didnt fail i was compromised. I think these exams suck. Its not worth it if it doesnt reflect what u know. Why i didnt kick ass? I'm a student. Why they did these? U can guess. Sucks when some people pour your knowledge,sweat & time down the drain just because they think they are better and more priviledged. I've sent a complaint to VUE and sure hope they close the center. I had given these exam everything. I think i got the sims. Imagine guessing straight fwd ques due to time.I had all the materials covered. Anyway s***t happens. Wish you all luck in your endeavours as for me i'm taking a break and catch up with life but i'll be back.

    Does any one know where they where they sell customized belts. Pants is sagging after all the studying.
    Hard times on planet earth.
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    man, your better than me i could have made it about 5 min then thought about themoney i got on the line and would have made it clear to them i would take $$ out there icon_twisted.gif
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    If you put it on your credit card I would call up the credit card company to dispute the charges.

    If you paid for a testing center it should be given to you in the environment you expected. You should have reasonably quiet and not a group of people watching you and laughing.

    The testing center should provide you with another test on their dime or dispute the charges IMO
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    Your test sitting should have been monitored by a site administrator, in that seeing you were constantly turning around and/or being agitated by something other than the monitor with the exam displayed on it.
    Also, someone else either walking the halls or in another office should have also seen/heard the noise that the group was making outside.

    My advice is to contact CISCO and let the know what type of experience you had at the testing center.

    The CCNA can be a daunting exam with all of the SIMs and point-and-click questions.

    Good luck on your next sitting.
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    I'm really glad that you sent the complaint. Hopefully it'll have an impact on the test center by either shutting it down or seeing management of said facility dismissing those responsible.

    That does totally suck. I also hope that you are provided with a free exam. Not sure how often this happens or it it ever does, but your story is certainly one that warrants either a refund or a free pass.

    Really sorry that happened to you. Hope I don't ever have to deal with that kind of service. I doubt that I'd get physical but I'd like to think that I'd ask those responsible for the ruckus to keep it down. Of course, I could see myself trying to tough it out too.

    What happened to you truly annoys me. I hope justice is served.

    Unrelated comment: HOLY SHMOLY Enforcer1 and Ten9t6, you two sure got a ****-load of certifications. Someday...yes someday, I'll be there with you two...unless you keep on adding to your already impressive list.
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