CCVP lab books

Are there any out there to purchase? I know when I went through the CCNP there was a lab portfolio book for every exam. I would hope that there is one for every CCVP exam but I am unable to find any. So if that is the case and there is none, what are you guys using to lab it up!


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    I'm currently working on the labs in the "IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio" book. It's not officially a CCVP book, but the labs are CCVP level in my opinion.
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    I like IP Telephony Using CallManager Express Lab Portfolio for the CCNA:Voice.

    For the CCVP you can try the IEMentor CCIE Voice Workbook/Solutions V2.0. It's currently $20 from user iementor on eBay and is an electronic PDF version. It starts out with the technology labs and ends with a full CCIE Lab. For $20 you can feel free skip any of the technologies that aren't covered at the CCNA:Voice or CCVP Levels.

    Internetwork Expert and CCBootcamp both also have CCIE Voice Technology Workbooks available last time I checked. I think IPExpert has also split their Technology Labs from their full CCIE Labs -- so they might also be available seperately now. These will probably be more expensive than the IEMentor Workbook.
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