Extension Mobility - what a beast

I've been going over Extension Mobility in CallManager. Very complex procedure to complete. Six steps to implement it?! Each step has multiple items to fulfill.

It's nice to have familiarity with the EM process, but I hope Cisco isn't expecting us to know how to implement this by memory. No one would ever pass the CIPT otherwise - at least without having already worked with it for a long time beforehand.
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    you lost me at extension mobility.. :p

    I take it you're going for CCVP at the moment??? I thought you were chasing the IP???

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    That's why hands on practice is so important!

    "Configure extension mobility" is one of many "configure" tasks in the "Given a list of IP phone features, configure the CallManager to support the given feature set" topic.

    You should be prepared if they they ask questions about the phone features -- make sure you know some of the "trivia" -- but your hands-on practice should have you hoping that they give you a SIM instead :D Make sure you pay attention to the menu structure in CM and the form sequence. Then focus on the important fields on the forms to implement the features.

    If you've practiced the phone feature a few times and remember what it does, you're probably okay for the exam.

    But you should definitely be prepared for questions on some of the MAJOR CallManager configurations -- the configure tasks in the "Configure Call Manager to support a call between any two endpoints on-cluster and off-cluster" topic are the ones to have more than just a passing knowledge of. These are probably the tasks to know the menu options and sequences, and forms and fields -- without seeing the interface.
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