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hi guys - I cant seem to get any of the permisisons questions right! I don't want to be guessing in the exam. Is there anywhere that will explain it clearly? As I'm doing the 290 soon I would like to be confident with the simulations. I have no experience on server at all, so I've never had to deal with accounts!


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    Cheers for that - I'm really not sure how I missed it.....!! It's explained better than the MS books too.
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    Squirrel23 wrote: »
    It's explained better than the MS books too.

    I say that all too often. Definitely don't rely on the MS press book alone. Also, ready other books or study guides (legit ones icon_lol.gif) in addition to the MS Press book.
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    There's three parts of the equation.

    1st part - Figuring out the NTFS permissions. These permissions are cumulative. Take this example:

    Joe - Read permission
    Marketing (which Joe is a part of) - Modify permission
    Accounting (which Joe is a part of) - Full control

    Since Joe is in the marketing and accounting groups as well... his NTFS permissions for this file is Read + Modify + Full Control. Since Full Control already includes Read and Modify permissions, then his NTFS permission is Full Control.

    2nd part - Figuring out the share permissions. These permissions are also cumulative. If Joe has Read permissions and the Marketing department has Change, then Joe has Read + Change share permissions. Since Change already includes the Read permission, then Joe's share permission is Change.

    3rd part - NTFS vs. Share permissions.. which one is dominant? Answer is.. whichever permission that's more restrictive. It's the Full Control NTFS permission vs. the Change share permission. Since Change is more restrictive than Full Control is... Then Joe's official permission for the file (PERIOD) is Change.

    Hope this helps.
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