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Hello all

I have been looking into various programming languages in the hopes of learning and maybe becoming a Software writer. I have looked at some books, but I'm not sure if they are the right ones, and I seem to get bogged down very quickly with the language. I have checked in my area for any classes that might be useful, but there aren't any. I'm finding it really difficult to learn. Does anyone have any suggestions? (Maybe I'm not smart enough/have the aptitude for it?, I dunno).


Edit - Would it be possile to move this to the Developer forums please? Thanks.


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    Hey welcome to the forums! I'm no programmer, but I do have this book and it's well written for absolute beginners. I mainly bought it to learn more about Ruby. I'll be glad to hear more book suggestions, as programming is something I've always thought I might be interested in. When I was a kid I bought a book at the school book fair for making your own video game. It was about 6000 lines of BASIC code, some kind of espionage version of Zork (you are likely to eat a cyanide capsule?) icon_lol.gif

    Edit: Just noticed he has a second edition due out next month. It should be a pretty good read!
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