Technology Assessment and a release of thoughts

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I know I don't post as often as I'd like to here, therefore I'm relatively new to the community still. I enjoyt the site, and want to contribute as best I can.
Today I wrapped up a big school project. We, my team, performed an assessment of technology in use by a local Chamber of Commerce. The project started in December of 2008 so we had long enough. We actually had things pretty much wrapped up in late January, but had to wait for a board meeting to present our suggestoins and findings.
Basically we vistited the site, got to know the staff and their day-to-day use of technology. We tried our best to understand the individual needs and weigh that against the common goal of the organization. We covered the following topics; Server hardware, workstation hardware, copy and print, disaster recovery, network infrastructure, email, Internet service, and telephony.

We kept our presentation short today, 25 minutes for a brief overview. Following our presentation we simply took questions from the Board Members for another 30-40 minutes. Other than the presentation we did supply all board members with a 15 page packet containing all the information we gathered. I know given the topics we covered 15 pages is still a brief overview, but we supplied them with as much information as they requested.

All-in-all I was glad to get it over with, but I know I have other items to keep me occupied. I have my Security+ exam coming up in about 6 weeks and that will be fun. I wish I could enjoy my Spring Break next week, but I'll be doing a cut-over at work to a new core switch, introducing VLAN's, and a totally new IP addressing scheme.
I can count myself lucky to have the work experience and project opportunities, but I am ready for a vacation.
I've ranted enough, but thought I'd share a little of my class project.
Working on....
Comptia Security+
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