How to install project with Telent?

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I been trying to do this and I can not find a good answer about this topic in microsoft or

I connected to a computer XP through Telnet. I have the c:\

I need to install project in that computer using command line, the user is working with the computer and I logon to that computer using my admin credentials.

I have two files that I can use, setup.exe and prjproe.msi

When I type setup.exe of prjproe.msi and press enter the system wait two or three seconds and later gives me the c:\ prompt again. Nothing happend.

I tried to use msiexec but it did not work too.

Does any body of you did this in the pass? Is there any way to do it?.

I can walk to the work station and do it manually but I want to learn do it with command line without bothering the user.

Any idea?
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    First off, you do realize the issues using telnet (clear text) with admin credentials? You are passing your admin username and password in clear text across the wire.

    However, there are some tricks to using the command line to install programs. Let me start off by recommending pstools from Microsoft (formerly Sysinternals) instead of telnet.

    Here are a few things to consider with remotely installing a program via the command line:

    1. Is the program accessible? You had a C:> prompt on a remote machine, but where was setup.exe or prjproe.msi located? Unless it was on the remote machine either in the default path or on the root of C: it won't work. Default paths are usually C:\Windows, C:\windows\system32, etc. So the program you want to install must be in one of those locations, or else you need to change directory or specify the full path. For instance, if setup.exe or prjproe.msi was sitting in the remote computer's c:\temp directory, you would need to do one of the following:

    C:> cd temp
    C:\Temp> setup.exe
    C:> c:\temp\setup.exe

    2. Will the program install silently or will there be prompts? How will you answer the prompts if you are not using the GUI installation?

    To try this out, open a command prompt on your own computer and try to install the program by the same method. It will probably launch the GUI.

    You therefore need to find out if there are any switches you can use to install it silently without prompts. This is probably going to be easier with the MSI. Type msiexec /? to see your options. Also, you can try setup /? from a command line and see what happens.

    Lots to consider, but I would start there.
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    I know that telnet use clear text, this was just a test but if I find the way how to install software without using the GUI or move the customer and just call him that the software is already installed in his computer will be excelent. I know that I can do it throug GP and msi but I do not want to do that.

    I will keep trying, the software it was mapped to another drive, not c:\ so I had to used net use i: \\servername\sharefolder

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    try psexec
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