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What does everyone recommend for teh BCMSN study material. In terms of your main reading. I was thinking about getting the Cisco press autheroized Self-study along with the exam study book. I do have experiance with switching so i'm not sure if i'm over doing it or what. Maybe get the exam prep and CBT nugggets? I already have the lab book.

Right now i'm still working on BSCI. I have failed the exam a couple of times and plan on taking it in a couple of weeks with the hopes to pass. BSCI has been my Achillies heal. I really feel like i know the material but just can't get over that hump. Last score was 755.


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    CCNP Self-Study BCMSN Official Exam Certification Guide, 4th Edition

    This book is one of the best, if not the best, book for switching published by Cisco Press. I highly recommend reading this one.

    However, for topics like QoS, VoIP and possibly Wireless, I'd use additional materials as well because these topics are either covered in small details or explained not in the best way. And from what I read on the forums, these are common topics people have most trouble with at this exam.
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    i would recommend something along the lines off:

    self study guide
    exam cert guide
    cbt nuggets
    cisco docs
    lab portfolio & lots of lab time
    chris bryant material

    Dont underestimate voip / wireless either!
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