Is the MCDST worth doing if you have the 70-270?

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    Depends what your after?

    The 270 gets you your MCP - nice CV logo and emplyers can have confidence you know how to support XP

    the MCDST is a specific Desktop support qualification - is that what you want to do?

    It's also a pre-requisite for MCSA - is that what you want to do?

    And so on...

    Maybe if you said what you want - we could tell you how to get there... :D
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  • finkle636finkle636 Member Posts: 44 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Having just done the 70-270 i was looking at the mcdst whilst the xp related info is still fresh in my mind
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    If you plan on going for the MCSA, then it can count as an elective. I personally thing the better route to go is to achieve a Security+ as your elective instead of the MCDST.

    The security+ is one exam instead of 2, gives you a good start into the world of security and I believe that is counts as an elective for the MCSE as well as the MCSA... The MCDST, I think only counts towards the MCSA.

    If the goal right now is to obtain quick certifications for job opportunities in the near future, then perhaps going for the MCDST (while the material is still fresh) would be the way to go.
  • JordusJordus Banned Posts: 336
    I found the 270 to be a mediumly challenging exam thats worth taking.

    I never took the MCDST exams but i started to read the MS press book, and after chapters of telling me how nice i need to be to people calling the help desk i decided it wasnt worth my time.

    I've really enjoyed gettin the MCITP:EST, however, and none of the chapters told me i need to be nicer to customers LOL. icon_cheers.gif
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    The 270 and 271 exams are pretty similar. Some of the chapters in the book are word for word. The 270 is more domain-based and the MCDST is more on the client side of things.
    the 272 is more on applications and IE.
    They are worth getting as you can upgrage to the MCITP with the 70-622 exam.
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