am I a newbie again? (long, sorry)

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i moved to USA one year ago from east europe. i have over 6 years of experience in IT bussiness - mainly as a pc technician, in-site or field. I was also working part time in some accounting company (owned by my father so i spent there all my life in fact), maintaining small network with linux server (which I built). no comp certificates - we don't have them there - but i'm having A+ exams this month and Network+ in september. i have some college education but not in this field.

reading all these messages i started to doubt if it's gonna be worth anything. do you think anybody would take me serious or maybe as a some freak from wild state somewhere around russia, where computers are made with stone and wood? the bad thing is that i have almost no way to prove my former employment - yes, I can get all that paperwork, translate it etc. but there's no way to call my old employers - they simply don't speak english.

huh, or i'm gonna clean those streets all my life :D

P.S. i made it soooo long and i'm still writing, somebody shut me off... sorry for broken english


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    First, welcome to the USA and welcome to the forum.

    Experience counts for a lot when it comes to applying for jobs. I would think that the certificates can help a lot in the way of proving that you have the knowledge that goes with the amount of experience that you have.

    No doubt you will still have to prove yourself to an employer, but everyone has to do that. Just keep trying and I'm sure that you'll find employment.

    I understand your situation. Most of the companies that I worked for over the years have gone out of business, so I don't really have any references if I wanted to return to the highway construction industry. But, I did get a job in IT with very little experience and a couple of certifications.

    IT is a difficult field to break into now, but it's getting better.

    Best of luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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