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Finishing up the last bit of study for Wireless# before it expires, and I saw mention of HF RFID tags. I am wondering what would be the use for these at 13.56mhz? Anyone have any ideas?


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    This might help a little:

    13.56 MHz

    "In an effort to lower Tag cost and address applications of high quantity Tags usage, the 13.56 MHz solution was born. At this frequency, a Tag's coil need not be made of hard copper wrappings. The coil can actually be a printed ink on a paper like substrate which than has an eeprom added to it. During the mid to late 1990's, 13.56 MHz was the vogue technology that many experts saw as a path to addressing high quantity applications necessitating low Tag costs. Typical applications include:"

    Library books
    Laundry identification
    Access Control
    OEM applications
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