Are these Good for CCNA student?

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I am currently studying my ICND1 towards my CCNA, so in order for me to understand the real world of cisco I am in need of some cisco hardware to experiment and understand, I have exchanged few SMSs with someone who advertised cisco stuff on a newspaper and he eventually sms-ed me these:Cisco 800, 1600, 1700, & 2600. Honestly I dont have much clue about these, and cisco hardware in general, can you please assist me whether these are the right stuff for me as a ccent/ccna student or not.

If yes how many of them should I buy from him and how much US$ are they worth of ?
If no what hardware is best and reasonabe.

I heard Jeremy Criora suggesting to have Routers 851W (1st) and 2514 (2nd), Are these for me as a new cisco student or for advanced cisco students?
If no what best suits my needs.

Many thanks for your time and your suggestions & advice are welcomed.


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