271 Passed First Time 833 Score Well Chuffed!

wrighty79wrighty79 Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
Hi All

Sat my first exam yesterday and managed an 833 score, was pretty nervous through the first half of the test, but then found my confidence through the second half, recapped over the first half as I had 45mins left changed a few answers and felt quite good.

Computer froze part way through argghhhhh, thanks to you guys on here noting that it had happened to a few of you I didn't lose the plot LOL!

It had taken me ages to study for this in between family and work commitments, but its now made everything worth while, just a shame my employers froze all pay rises this year, then again grateful I've got a job really!

Cheers All 272 here I come!!!!!icon_cheers.gif


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