Failed four times!!!!

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This test is just kicking my ass:

11/15/2008 472 fail
11/26/2008 491 fail
12/13/2008 567 fail
03/21/2009 624 fail

I think I broke a record, the beast cannot hold a candle to this one!


  • coax31coax31 Member Posts: 117
    Thank god for second shot 4 tests cost me $250 instead of $500
  • maumercadomaumercado Member Posts: 163
    look at the bright side (I know its hard now)... you are getting better...

    Just hang in there... Study hard on the topics that youve failed, maybe study from another source, and do some simulation exams like transcender!

    Good lick for next time...
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    Are you getting in enough lab time? A lot of things stick better when you're working a lot with the technology. Not only will you be more familiar with the interface but you'll become more familiar with the terminology simply because you will have some "AHH HAAA!!!" moments where a bunch of things suddenly click. Hope you fare better on the next one.
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    I failed twice already.. 586/624

    I decided to SKIP it.. go for my 70-298/70-299..

    and come back to it when I have better knowledge of everything..

    Make sure you got those sims down PERFECT... those are easy points..

    everyone advised me to take longer time studying/knowing the material.. maybe you should too.

    4x.. you have got to know how the tests are going to be like.. look back at your notes/study material.. and think about which ones you got wrong.. which ones you got right..

    goodluck.. i bet money that your 5th time.. you PASS

    I believe in you buddy.. you can do iticon_cheers.gificon_thumright.gif
  • genXrcistgenXrcist Member Posts: 531
    Change your study methods. Try flashcards or get a study buddy that you can quiz with. Try having him/her read the questions from practice exams to you so that you are using a different part of your brain to learn the material.

    Don't they say something to the effect of 'Change it Up!' in hockey? You should do the same. :) Good luck!
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  • KoolTrixKoolTrix Banned Posts: 130
    Visual Memory

    Read is over and over, take mental pictures of answers..flashcards, videos, etc

    Auditory Memory

    Say the question and answer out loud, have someone else say the question and answer out loud.

    Kinesthetic Memory

    I actually re-type questions/answers sometimes, or retype studyguides.. because my fingers will remember the answers lol.. or I'll write it by hand.. which def helps me remember because I hate writing and always makes my hand hurt.

    Make sure you hit all your senses.. make sure you get a good breakfast/lunch before the exam.. make sure you get 8hrs of sleep before your exam.. all these are essential for memory efficiency.


    Make sure you know definitions 150%, and general concepts 150%.. if you got that.. you have the tools to problem-solve any question you don't know the answer. just have to be a good test taker.. look into some tips for taking exams..

    eliminate your worst answers, if you don't know the answer right away, mark it, and come back.. sometimes other questions will "jolt" your memory or just give you the answer right off the back.. time management.. use your time wisely on an exam.. and dont get nervous.. be calm, relaxed and focus.. dont let the 4x discourage you. You're almost there.. I say you missed the PASS by 3-4 questions.. TOPS.

    study study study icon_study.gif

    goodluck icon_thumright.gif
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