New Edition of Michael Meyers Network+ All-in-One Exam Guide

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I have been waiting for this new publication to be released and was expecting it in August. I see now that it's release date is October 15, 2004.

Perhaps the ads I saw advertising August few incorrect or perhaps the date was pushed forward. I'd like to know if it will cover the new Network+ objectives for 04-05. Does anyone know? http://www.comptia.com/pressroom/get_pr.aspx?prid=484.


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    lazyartlazyart Member Posts: 483
    Hmm.. that is a strange time to release a new book.. the 2005 objectives are stated to kick in at the end of the 2004-2005 academic year, which I would presume is May or June. I would hope that in the very least it has an addendum covering the new objectives. October would seem too soon to release a study guide for an exam that is not live for another 8 months, and at the same time too late to print something that would be out of date in less than a year.

    Since the current exam has been in place for 3 years now, I would be just as confident in 2nd edition of the book.

    As for me, I have the Third Edition of the Sybex text that I will use. Tcat Houser also sent me a study guide for Network+, and after seeing his A+ notes I'm sure I won't need anything else.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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