Which books to use?

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All the information about the books to use is a little confusing. I see some say the Sybex, and some say the Cisco Press. I know the Sybex for the CompTia but those fell short on some topics. The Cisco Press books are not an easy read from what is said but there are two books for CCENT? A self study guide and a certification guide. Not sure what the difference would be. I am leaning towards the Cisco Press but the different books has me wondering. Are the two cisco press books used together or is one different from the other. I have a lot of experience in test taking and prep. Any info would be great!!!


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    Cisco Press certification guides (by Odom) are the equivalent of MS Press self-paced training kits, if you are familiar with those. A bit dry but comprehensive. It's what I used for my CCENT together with CBT Nuggets, and it's what I recommend. I will use the same combo when I study for ICND2.
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    I think the Cisco Press books usually cover the information more in depth... However the Sybex, are far easier to read IMO.

    It is my opinion that the Sybex book works better for the ICND1... If you had to choose just 1. I think that for the ICND1, both Sybex and Cisco Press were pretty even from what I remember reading. The Sybex book for the ICND2 was lacking a bit in some area's compared to the Cisco Press book though.
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